bathroom on a budget

A bathroom renovation can be very expensive.  So when we bought our 50’s ranch and needed to move into the house in less than 8 weeks the hall bathroom fell to the bottom of the list of improvements but still needed a major overhaul.  So with a   budget in mind and a quick solution, we were able to update/remodel the bathroom less than $2500.


             before shower               before re-glazed wall and new floor


                    after re-glazed tiles and new black/white mosaic floor

I loved all the original black tile border  trim and wanted to keep the look.  All the tiles were still in great shape but looked very dated.  We removed the vanity, toilet and faucet fixtures and replaced with new energy efficient fixtures.   We installed a new inexpensive stock black/white mosaic tile floor right over the original floor.  The old peach tiles were professionally sprayed with a white re-glazing finish.  This process is very durable and can last 5-10 years with proper care.  It will generally take a professional 3-4 hours and a 48 cure period prior to using.

The new look is clean and crisp

professional porcelain glaze-$1200



mosaic floor tile-$400

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