Where sleeping dogs lie

Creating a sleep area  for your pet while eliminating the unsightly dog bed from the middle of your living space  are not easy tasks.  Depending on the breed’s size, it is important to maximize your valuable space and integrate your dog’s home into your decor.    A  crate is not the most attractive option when it comes to incorporating it into your home design.  Dogs love a place to call their own.   

This mudroom had a narrow walk-in closet with not a lot of usable space so the homeowner cut out a little niche the size of the crate and it becomes the perfect dog cave…. which her dog loves!  And above the crate are shelves for all the kids homework and school supplies.  This  is also the perfect spot for a comfy dog bed. Another solution for a smaller dog is to use a base kitchen cabinet (18 X 24) with decorative trim, once painted you would think it was custom built.  And don’t forget your dog’s name plate.

 Taffy’s Built-in Bed     Image: Interior Design Hound

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