Outdoor Living Spaces

Defining your outdoor living space can sometimes be a challenge, especially since we spend at least half the year enjoying the outdoors and entertaining .  I love the endless possibilities of  decorating without walls, ceilings and just an open sky to work with.  Using creative barriers can help define spaces and communicate an open, yet inviting structured design.  Designating specific areas for dining and casual conversation can break up a large backyard space.

My friends’ beach house- which is always buzzing with kids playing and lots of entertaining- took on a major transformation.


As you can see, the large backyard had no defined space for entertaining and relaxing by the pool….it was just an open yard with a pool in the center.   Separating living, dining and lounging spaces within the backyard made the areas seem larger and more encompassing.

A new blue stone patio was added to combine the pool area with the casual entertaining area.  The entertaining area is slightly enclosed with a natural stone retaining wall which is great for additional seating for large parties.

On cool evenings they gather friends in front of the outdoor fireplace for s’mores or a glass of wine.  The fireplace is used all year long, especially in  early fall.

Behind the fireplace is the spa and pool area.  The whole backyard now  flows together and is just steps out the back door.  When these spring rains are over   I can’t wait for a dip in the pool!

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