The Autumn Hearth and the Great Outdoors

With the fall chill in the air there is nothing more inviting than an outdoor fireplace. Outdoor entertaining in the fall is a favorite in our household: the mosquitoes are finally gone and you can enjoy a relaxing evening. An outdoor fireplace will extend your living space and allow you to roast marshmallows, watch the stars and be mesmerized by the crackling flames on the hearth. Fireplaces create a marvelous ambiance, add great value to the home and come in an assortment of styles. You can spend anywhere from $100 for a fire-pit at Home Depot to $20,000 for a custom-built one. An outdoor fireplace is one of those unique design features that is right in any home and irresistibly alluring to all.

Wood fireplace offers 360 degrees of visibility and warmth from Brookstone $200

The rustic wrought iron has an industrial design and burns very clean with little smoke.  I am still trying to locate one in the states, this on was at a lake house in Germany.  If any one knows any details please share!

This custom design fire-pit has chairs surrounding it and a ledge for the kids to roast marshmallows, but a great design feature is that it has a gas starter.

Continue to enjoy the outdoors on these chilly fall evenings!

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