DIY-etched wine glasses

I love etched glassware especially stemless wine glasses and wanted to make a set with individual designs. This is a great hostess gift with a bottle of wine or a nice gift to yourself!  So out come the crafts and quick easy steps on how to make your own.


  • stemless wine glasses from Pier 1 Imports $2.00 each
  • paint brushes: #8 and #0
  • rubber gloves
  • protective glasses
  • newspaper
  • contact paper any craft store
  • assorted design hole punches from Mcgill (circles,diamonds,swirls,large dots; flowers are a bit tricky because if each petal does not adhere, cream will get under the petal and the pattern will not be exact. I use shapes that don’t have a lot of delicate detail.
  • Amour Etch cream-any craft store
  • bucket of water and sponge

Step-by-Step tutorial:

  • put newspaper done to protect your surface
  • wash glasses either in dishwasher or with rubbing alcohol
  • make your design punch cut-outs on the contact paper you will need 9-12 of each design per glass

  • place the cut-outs on the glasses and space according to your design
  • put on your rubber gloves and protective glasses.
  • dip the larger paint brush in the etch cream and  cover  the cut-out design with a thick coat.  Make sure you only cover the cut-out area, if the etch cream gets on the other part of the glass by mistake wipe off ASAP or the cream will start to adhere.  If that does happen just put another cut-out over the mistake and add more etch cream.
  • make sure you put a thick cover on the design, this is the most important step or the design
  • the directions say to leave on  5 minutes, I leave it on at least 15 minutes and often 20 minutes.
  • submerge the glass in water and sponge off the cream, I have often time reused the cutouts again on new glasses.
  • wash the glasses again in the dishwasher

Enjoy a nice Chardonnay with dinner!

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