DIY-grow at home mushroom kit!

I came across this kit in Whole Foods the other day and was intrigued by the concept.  The kits consists of  a prepackaged box with 100% recycled coffee grounds and will produce 1.5 lbs of tasty gourmet oyster mushrooms.

It is basically 3 easy steps: cut open the interior bag, mist and harvest in 10 days.  The ingenious idea came from 2 business school graduates who experimented with the concept{of taking recycled coffee grinds and grow mushrooms} and made their first batch in a small bucket in their fraternity.   The rest is history and the Back to the Roots company was formed.  Besides the fact that the kit is a great gift, the company is promoting sustainability, healthy communities, local growth,  as well as the donation of kits to schools to help in their educational development.  These kits are a must have for your holiday shopping!

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