Repurposed Wallpaper sample books makes beautiful gift wrap!

Wallpaper sample books are a great source to get beautiful FREE craft paper. The sample books have hundreds of different patterns, colors and styles. The key is that these books are often thrown away once the wallpaper manufacturer has updated and issued their newest designs. I recently got 5 books from my local paint supply store for FREE and the patterns are wonderful and the perfect twist for all my holiday gift wrapping. No more buying gift wrap for me! In addition to gift wrap, wallpaper is a great source for scrap booking, shelve liners, greeting cards and envelopes and ornaments. Share your thoughts on what you would do with your wallpaper, just call your local paint store who carry wallpaper and I’m sure they would love to share.

these gifts were wrapped using everything I had in the craft box

colored duct tape{ they have wonderful colors for crafts} and washi paper tape

handmade stamped gift tags

gold tulle and paper mache pomegranate

The easiest way to remove the sheets is to use a matte knife and score the edge.  Your gifts will be well wrapped and offer a wonderful color assortment under the tree!

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