ECO-Decorate your home for the holidays

The holiday season seems to start earlier and earlier each year.  You are no sooner cleaning up from Thanksgiving when your neighbor’s house is lit up brighter than a Christmas tree!  This year I have made a commitment to ECO-Decorate my home.  Here are some of the great ways you can:

  • Buy a live tree {with root ball} you can plant after Christmas.  {I remember when I was a child my parents would buy fresh trees and they always seemed so small at the time.  But the wonderful thing was we could watch them grow in our backyard for years and appreciate them everyday} If you do buy a “live tree” dig a hole now while the ground is still soft and cover it with a piece of ply wood.
  • Switch to LED holiday lights
  • Decorate the outside with solar-powered lights {trying it this year will let you know how they work}
  • Send an e-holiday cards lots of great cards with jingles
  • Gift wrap with paper you have in the house, newspaper, magazines, kids old art, old wallpaper sample books, cereal boxes, coffee/tea tins, paper shopping bags
  • Make your own bows with scrap fabric
  • Make your own front door boughs, cutting an assortment of mixed greens and tying a big red bow around them to keep them together
  • Use shredded paper or crinkled newspaper for packing your gifts when shipping instead of bubble wrap or foam peanuts
  • For your holiday feast, shop  for local and organic foods

Every little bit helps and once you start you will have a hard time going back!  ECO-DECORATE YOUR HOME for the holidays!  Let me know some of your helpful hints!

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