Whole Green Catalog-the green bible

We make choices every day on eating healthier, cleaning our home with greener products and how we influence the future and our kids’ lives.  I am constantly thinking of ways I can reduce, reuse and recycle in our home.  The  book Whole Green Catalog: 1,000 Best Things For You and the Earth answers a lot of our questions.  The book is indispensable and a must have for every household.  Its 20 chapters (and 390 pages) tells you everything you need to know from green-cleaning your house, beauty products, home furnishings, gardening and basically how we can start making a smaller carbon footprint.  The book is well organized with thousands of products,  full of detailed information and tips on sustainable living. We all need to be better stewards of this little blue planet-or are children will be left with oceans without coral and polar bears, mountains of plastic, fierce weather and fire.


The Best of Sustainable, Local & Fresh-Made Easy for New Englanders

markets book signmarket book
This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Christine Chitnis, author of Markets of New England at the very unique Joanne Rossman Design in Roslindale Village.  She has written a delightful guide to 50 farmers and artisan markets covering six states. I couldn’t wait to hunker down with it when I got home.   Supporting regional artists and farmers in a local setting is one of the true pleasures of summer in New England.  Her research has uncovered unique, quality and undiscovered gems that I can’t wait to explore.  It was an special treat to see my own Newton Farmer’s Market included in the mix {and then I knew for sure she had found the true treasures!}                                                                                                                               market collage { photos by Christine Chitnis from Markets of New England }
In addition to researching and writing Markets of New England, the multi-talented Christine also took all of the photographs.  She has chronicled her travels with visually stunning shots of mouthwatering food, artists at work and charming crafts that will add a unique touch to your home decor. The chapters are sectioned by state and divided into farmers markets and craft markets. There is also a resource in the back for further information on featured artists and  markets.  Ms. Chitnis has made it easy and enjoyable to support the many talented artists and farmers across New England.  She leaves us with no excuse not to Buy Local and Sustainable!