kitchen essentials must haves-part 1

The kitchen is your own intimate domestic space and it is important that we have the proper kitchen tools for our daily cooking needs.  We have so many choices, brands and cooking gadgets but  do we need to have  a full set of pots and pans or 8 knives….. or just some essentials.  Go for quality not quantity and buy the best you can afford………. they will last forever!   I have pulled together part 1 of 2 series of the most important tools for an efficient kitchen.

A.Victorinox paring knives with plastic handles

B. Global chef knife

C. Wusthof Classic Bread Knife at least 9 inches

D. Assorted metal locking tongs both metal and coated

E. Microplane professional grater/zester

F. Asian Fusion 6” bamboo and stainless steel skimmer

G. Assorted wooden spoons best are from Mario Batali

Buy the best knife you can afford. It will last forever and you won’t be sorry!  The truth is you really only need 3 key knives…which you will use over and over again…….a Chef’s knife an all purpose knife for everything, a pariing knife is essential for all small tasks and usually incredibly sharp and a serrated edge knife is perfect for bread, cakes and cutting tomatoes.  There is no reason that all of the knives have to be of the same brand.

Metal tongs I use for everything and have an assortment of both stainless and nylon heads…with locking feature.

Microplane…I use for dry condiments, zesting citrus and grating hard cheese (Parmesan Reggiano), vegetables, chocolates and much more.  To clean soak in warm water and to get hard to remove particles use a fine toothbrush

Asian Fusion…this is one of the most multi-purpose tools

Assorted wooden spoons both rounded and flat ended for scraping the pans…..they are a must


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