Coordinating Floral design with dining room wallpaper

One of the most challenging decorating tips for a dining room with wallpaper is how to get the right floral arrangement to compliment the paper.   My garden club had a competition on that very subject, and we had some beautiful unusual designs.    Picking the proper vessel, flowers and colors to coordinate with black wallpaper presents a unique challenge and some gorgeous table center pieces.

Collection:Spring Lake: Pattern-LIllian, Colorway-Black T3145

The arrangements are all quite different, but elegant in their own way.  Select the most dominate colors in the wallpaper and use them to dominate the color scheme.

Collection-Repertoire: Pattern-Fortress, Colorway-Red,T5613

The wonderful feature about the first arrangement is all the components are all from her garden.

Enjoy…….Happy Mother’s Day

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