Frugal Friday’s-Grillo’s pickles double dip

To all the pickle lovers out there, there is a new pickle on the store shelves-Grillo’s Pickles a wonderful “Italian Pickle” and by far the best pickle I have ever tasted!  They started with their Italian grandfather’s recipe and sold 2 spears for $1out of a pickle cart on the streets of Boston and the rest is history. Now sold in over 50 different stores from Stop & Shop to Whole Foods the pickle craze is on! The spears are packed in a vinegar based brine and are surrounded with fresh garlic and dill. The crunchy crisp pickles have a wonderful lingering taste. These pickles are so good they last about 2 days in our house and, as I love to add pickles to sandwiches, so instead of letting the wonderful tasty brine go to waste, I  slice up 2 cucumber pickles and in a couple of days a new batch is ready. I have to say they are quite yummy!

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