Garlic- “The stinking rose” how to grow part 1

The Fall is one of the best times to prepare your garden for spring bulbs. Garlic is the one bulb people forget about, but an easy one to grow yourself and also a great insect and deer deterrent.  Did you know that the bulk of garlic is imported from China and I would guarantee that it has been chemically treated so it will not sprout when exported to the US.  There is an entire world of exotic garlic ready to grow in your own garden, but you have to plant now so you can enjoy it next summer.

Garlic needs a cold dormant period to produce full heads, so you need to prep your garden on a chilly fall day or first frost. I generally target Columbus day, but this year we had to wait a couple of weeks because the weather in New England has been so warm.  Garlic is very hearty and won’t grow well unless subjected to harsh winter weather conditions.

Prep your garden accordingly:

  • your garden should be prepared like any vegetable garden with a lot of organic matter ,well-drained and in full  sun. {if you soil tends to be very acidic add some lime}.
  • buy garlic from the local farmer or bulbs from a garden supplier online where you can purchase a variety of exotic flavors {which I prefer}.
  • remove the paper outer covering, and separate the individual cloves. Each clove should produce an entire new bulb.  I use the handle of any small garden tool to make the holes.
  • plant 2″ deep and  4-6″ apart with the root end at the bottom and the pointy end up.
  • Garlic is very winter hardy but should be heavily mulched to prevent heaving.  Add a thick layer of leaf mulch and it will also encourage worm activity.
  • don’t be alarmed if some bulbs start to sprout right after you planted them if you get a warm day, just let them be!

See you in the Spring for part 2!

1 thought on “Garlic- “The stinking rose” how to grow part 1

  1. I love garlic – didn’t occur to me that it was something I could grow in my garden . Will look out a little corner to plant some. Have enjoyed having a look around your blog, having hopped over from BYW.

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