Essentials for the refrigerator and freezer

If you live in the New England area and lost power like we did for 5 long days, you are glad to have your life back to normal.  It is the little things we take for granted… hot showers, lights after 4pm, heat, stocked refrigerators and freezers.  So after day 2 we decided we would  survive on the basics,  the hot water lasted for 2 days, we burned endless amounts of wood to stay warm and  cooked on the outdoor grill and cooked as much food as we could; before it was time to pitch the rest.

So with the holidays approaching, it was a great time to start fresh and totally clean out both the refrigerator and freezer.  I got organized with essentials just in case.  I am well stocked, ready to entertain and/or ready for the next adventure nature has to offer.


mixed olives

roasted red peppers

chunk of Parmesan cheese

soft cheese-goat cheese, feta, blue cheese

extra-large eggs

peanut butter and all fruit jelly

Organic milk

Small container of heavy cream

plain yogurt (organic Greek yogurt)

unsalted butter

white wine

assorted salad mixing

organic salad dressing


Fish fillets

Halibut crispy batter starfish

french fries and onion rings from Alexa

shredded potatoes

chicken breasts

ground beef and ground turkey

veggie burgers

mini and chocolate croissants from Trader Joes

assorted nuts-almonds, walnuts

vegetables-peas, sweet corn, edamame, spinach and mixed vegetable

peeled deveined shrimp

homemade pasta sauce

organic berries

whole grain flours

homemade breadcrumbs

pasta, ravioli, tortellini

whole grain bread and tortillas

Amy’s organic cheese pizza

vanilla ice cream

What are your essentials, let me know what you have stocked in your refrigerator and freezer.  What treats am I missing?

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