Frugal Friday-laundry lavender sachets

There is nothing better smelling than a fresh load of laundry right from the dryer. I have stopped using  dryer sheets and have been searching for a sweet-smelling solution. I have been growing lavender for about a year and thought let’s make dryer sachets and what a difference 3 sachets can make……


2-5″ squares of fabric( I used some of my husbands old dress shirts)

¾ cup lavender buds {per sachet}-store bought or home-grown

straight pins

iron/ironing board

Cut 5″ squares you need 2 for each sachet. Sew a set of {2} 5″ squares together on 3 sides and use the edge of the presser foot as a guideline.  Leave the 4th side open to fill with lavender.

Trim 4 corners at an angle.
Turn inside out and press flat. On the open end turn in 1/2″ and press, easier to sew closed after you add the lavender.

Since these are going in the dryer I like to make sure all seams are secure, so I stitch around the right side again so it makes a french seam.

add 3/4 cup of lavender buds to sachet.  Pin open end and stitch closed.

Your laundry will be sweet smelling from now on.  Do you have some laundry secrets to share?

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